Jumat, 21 September 2012

Tell a Story

Hey guys. Sorry I never post something here._. I'm too busy to open this blog. And now I have a holiday. My private holiday. I hate my new position in class. Near my ex! I think that I never want to sit near my ex. You know who is he. I think he is so cute with his new haircut. Because that, I dont want to sit near he. Or I cannt be move on.

But when I sit near he, it make me know about him very well. About his story, his hobby, even I know he love who! I dont jealous haa. And I never want to be jealous again because him.

Now I love someone. He is my best friend. My sweetest best fried. He is so cool, my type. But he is taken. TAKEN! Ukh, its make me feel jealous every time I see he with her girlfriend. I'm sooo jealous. And I want he to be mine. But its just a dream. I know that he love his girlfriend so much. Ukh :'(

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