Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

Camping at Mahanaim

Junior High School 1 Sidoarjo has programs namely outdoor learning activities. One of them is camping. Camping is only for grade eight. This camping held on 2nd until 4th October 2012. And this year, Its happen at Mahanaim, Prigen
The first day, I went to school early because I have camping activity. I brought 1 copper, 1 gallon, and 2 pails. At 6.30 A.M, me and my friend must to go to hall because the principal want to give us some orientation. After his bored orientation, we packing our things to our minibus. I felt like I can’t to sit there, because too many things we brought. But finally I can sit near the window. The trip from school until the place we held the camping, Mahanaim, is about 2 hours. When we arrived at Mahanaim, we brought our things down from the minibus. Then we make our tent. After the tent is finish, we make our portal for our tent. Then we have to held the opening ceremony.   After all, we playing game, like ring estafet and ‘kereta kera’. We played the game happily, but I didn’t felt happy, because my left foot suddenly pain. And I hate that for sure. But I know that its will happen, ‘cause my left foot is feel pain before the camping. After the game, we have a breaktime. I used it for massaged my foot.           In the night, we have a competition. We must to sang our school mars and our class yel yel. We didn’t have a good preparation, but we be the 3rd winner of school mars song. How happy us! After all things we did this day, we went to our tent for sleep well. But I can’t slept well first night. My friend slept too soundly, even they make me like in the hell. But finally I can slept well in the outside tent.
The second day, my friend woke me up at 3 pm. Its make me like in the hell. I just slept for 2 hours! But yeah, I must to woke up early. It's so cold here. My hands and my right feet is freezed as cold as ice at the antartika. My left foot is can't felt anything, 'cause my feet still have a pain. At 6 o'clock, we have breakfast. The food is fried rice and fried shrimp. I don't like shrimp anyway. So I just eat the fried rice, but its too spicy. And I don't like a spicy food too. So I just eat 1/4 of fried rice. I cried because that. Suddenly I remember that after having breakfast is exploration. I can't do that, my feet is feel pain and I didn't eat too much. So I just stayed at tent with my friend. We both have tidied up the tent and waiting for our friend comeback.  Finally they comeback and we together again. At the noon, we have many game again like railway ring, 'sms gembira', magic bracelet, throw the bom, and water tower. I didnt played anything, because my feet again (_ _’).     In the night we have a camp fire! Wuhuu.. I think that its can make me feel more comfortable, and its true. The schedule for second night is atraction from class. My class want to sing some song, like Menjaga Hati from Yovie and the Nuno and Buka Semangat Baru from Ello, Ipang, Berry Saint Loco, and Lala. My classroom dresscode is like Jokowi. I be the rapper at the second song! That’s song is Buka Semangat Baru. I love it too much. But I did something wrong, suddenly I can't remember the lyrics! Its make me feel down untill now. Yeah, after our atraction, we went back to the tent to have a rest. And this night, I can slept well.
The last day, the schedule just continue the game and prepare for go home. Before we go home, we must to tidy up our tent. Its make us so tired. Finally, at 10 am, we go back Sidoarjo. In the minibus, I just continue my sleep last night.
Last, I went to my home with pain in my feet and feel tired too much. I hope that in the next day I can take a rest at home, but I can't because my dad will be angry if he know that I don't go to school. And I’m so happy can have a camping like that. I wish I can have a camping again with my friend again in the same place. Mahanaim is a wonderful place with many memories there!

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