Rabu, 28 Mei 2014


Hola holala~~~ Long time no see'-' Just took a lil time to announce something._.

I'M MOVED! WUAHAHAHA! *tell me crazy then it's true-_-*

Actually, for last few months, I'm stop using blogger and moved to Wordpress. I found that wordpress more interesting wkwk. Sorry for everything. My random post, my un-perfect fanfiction, my bad review for K-MV :(

BUT YOU CAN SEE *the way I'm saying just like saying a sleeveless shirt-_-* -back to topic- THE NEW ME IN MY WORDPRESS~~~~~~~~~~


sorry, I must be missing posting on blogger so much._.

So let's meet in my new world~ A whole new wooorrrllldddd *forgive me, I'm getting crazier*.

So... This is the end of simpleminnie *sobs*. But let's wipe your tears and come in to alphastee56~~~~~

Kindly click on the picture to meet me on Wordpress

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